President & C.E.O

Kurt Rhea has had the pleasure of working with incredible leaders in the oil and gas, water treatment, and public sectors, helping them navigate the regulatory arena and manage their radioactive material. His fine team works hard to do the right thing every day, providing excellent service and value through innovation. He enjoys both learning from and educating others, serving at church, and spending time with his team and family. He is a...


Certified Health Physicist

As a Certified Health Physicist, Steve Brown serves as our Radiation Safety Officer on our Colorado license. He is a long-standing member and leader of the Health Physics Society. Steve is well-known and respected in radiation circles, both in the U.S. as well as internationally. As an appointed member of the prestigious Governor’s Commission on Radiation, his voice is always present in every arena where radiation safety and/or risk is...


Sr. Project Manager

Roy Reynolds has worked with the team at Radiation Pros, LLC for over 6 years, serving as our Senior Project Manager. Roy is a great role model and mentor to the team and knows how to work effectively with our clients' project managers and operations personnel. His vast experience in demolition, excavation, construction and project management makes him our most valuable resource in remediation and reclamation projects. Roy is also a...


Manager of Compliance and Administration

With her years of experience in the industry and our Radiation Pros team, Sarah Kostreva heads up our regulatory compliance and administration departments. Sarah is an invaluable resource to the total team and manages our accounting processes and systems integration. Her experience and attention to detail commands respect from all who know her. Her compliance experience and waste profile management is an integral part of our success. She...


Business Development Manager


Operations Manager

As one of our RSOs, Dylan has become an integral part to our day to day operations and in the management of our Oil & Gas sector. With his heavy machinery operation experience as well as his 8+ years of experience in the oil & gas and construction industry, Dylan knows what it takes to get almost any job done.