Why Partner With Rad Pros

Why Partner With Rad Pros

Radiation can be extremely dangerous without proper detection and management. If your team isn’t trained and licensed to handle radioactive materials, your company could be exposed to unnecessary liability, including employee health issues and regulatory penalties.

Surprisingly, this can occur with even low levels of radiation from naturally-occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in addition to technologically-enhanced ones (TENORM).

If radiation-impacted waste, whether source material, byproduct material, or NORM/TENORM, is disposed of improperly or impacts the local environment, you can be held accountable for remediating local ecosystems and wildlife in addition to sizable fines.

When you need help with radiation safety training or low-level radioactive waste management services, the experts at Rad Pros are always ready to help. Keep scrolling to learn why you should partner with our experts, or contact Rad Pros to get started with our personalized service today!


Rad Pros can offer you:

Who Is Rad Pros?

As one of the top-rated, licensed radioactive materials contractors in the country, Rad Pros is more than a quick answer to your “hottest” problems. With well over 100 combined years of experience, and one of the most highly regarded health physicists globally, our team knows how to help you, your employees, and the environment when it comes to low-level radiation. Whether you’re working with naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) or technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials (TENORM), our highly-trained professionals can help.

From demolition and decommissioning of facilities to remediation and reclamation of oil and gas sites or spills, our company can do it all. Whether you’re facing burned or broken down facilities, TENORM-impacted soil, other ground or water contaminants, we have solutions.

While Rad Pros specializes in oil and gas, water treatment, and mining services, we work with other industries and are always searching for more places to help, especially concerning radiation. If you’re looking for the best radioactive waste management services in Colorado, North Dakota, the Rocky Mountain region, or across the U.S., then Rad Pros is the perfect partner for your company.

Radiation Services We Offer

Because we have some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry here at Rad Pros, we can provide a number of valuable radiation management services to companies of all sizes.


NORM/TENORM Management

Do you need help identifying, characterizing, managing, or brokering NORM and TENORM radioactive materials or waste? Rad Pros offers an assortment of NORM services to help you and your company safely handle, move, and dispose of radioactive-impacted waste and materials.

Our experts have years of experience working with diverse materials in waste streams across multiple industries and sectors, ensuring that you’ll get the best in radioactive waste management services. Whether you need simple radioactive waste disposal or you’re looking for complete radioactive waste management, the professionals at Rad Pros are ready to help. Learn more about our NORM/TENORM management services to see how we can benefit your business.


Remediation and Demolition

Structures burn or reach their end of life. Soils get impacted with TENORM and chlorides from oil and gas operations and events. No one is better at demolition and remediation than the Rad Pros team.

We have the experience and equipment to be efficient and save you time and money while ensuring full compliance with state and federal regulations. That’s why insurance companies love us! When big events create environmental and financial exposure, Rad Pros is there to perform fast, efficient, and economical remediation and demolition (RAD) services. Nobody has more experience with TENORM waste and cleanup services at saltwater disposals and pipeline breach sites than Rad Pros. Learn more about our radiation remediation and demolition services to see how we can help you.


Ground Penetrating Radar

When you need to dig, having to wait for maps or locates can force your day to a grinding halt. Digging without using locates or maps is dangerous as you can damage key underground infrastructure, such as water lines, wiring, and more.

Ground penetrating radar, more commonly referred to as GPR, allows for highly accurate depth readings for utilities and underground structures. Unlike other locates which are only accurate within 12 - 16 feet, GPR is accurate within three feet and can be used to find anything within 30 feet of the surface. Learn more about our GPR services and see if they’re right for your company.


Industrial Cleaning and Decontamination

When it comes to cleaning, we’ll tackle your equipment and facilities quickly and efficiently, whether you have radioactive contamination or other issues.

Rad Pros offers professional cleaning and radiation decontamination services to the public and private sectors, including oil and gas and mining companies throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Our team is HAZWOPER trained and hydro-jetting certified in order to provide the best industrial cleaning services available. With our mobile services, we can help you remove contamination, soils, and low-levels of radiation. Learn more about Rad Pros’ industrial radiation cleaning services.


Radiation Safety Training

What’s better than having someone do something for you? Learning to do it yourself. At Rad Pros, we can train your staff to safely work in and around radioactive materials, qualifying them to do simple detection and assessment work. Whether you’re looking for in-person radiation safety programs or online courses, we have everything you need to properly train your team, helping to improve safety and optimize your business. Limit potential employee liability and risk by learning more about our radiation training and consulting services to see how we can help you.


Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Rad Pros has the licensing and experience to help you manage drinking water treatment residuals and spent media, whether they are impacted by TENORM/NORM or not. We serve countless water treatment facilities in the Rocky Mountain region and travel the country to help facilities with regulatory compliance, waste management, and site assessments for health risks associated with TENORM (low-level radioactivity). Exceptional references are available on request. We will handle your waste streams and train and certify your employees in the proper management of TENORM-impacted equipment and residuals. Get to know our wastewater treatment services to see how Rad Pros can help your business.

No matter what kind of low-level radiation services you need, Rad Pros can help your company. Contact Rad Pros to answer any questions you may have and to get started on your radiation management solutions today with a free consultation.

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Where We Operate

While we wish we could be all around the world offering our top-rated radiation waste management services, we’re not quite that big yet.

However, Rad Pros can still provide the best radiation safety services anywhere in the U.S., with experience in Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and beyond.

Many cities and towns have issues with radium or uranium in their water supplies. We serve water treatment plants, uranium mines, and the oil and gas sectors in the mountains and plains states and across the country - these three sectors are our areas of true expertise!

Many of the mountain towns were founded because of the mining industry and the gold rush. While many of the old precious metal mining sites have since been closed - and we have worked with the DMR to help close many old sites - mining still plays an important role in Colorado’s economy. Here at Rad Pros, we’re dedicated to offering the best radiation safety programs and radiation waste management in Colorado, helping all kinds of businesses keep their employees, the public, and the environment safe.

When you need radiation waste management or radiation safety programs in the mountains and plains states, or anywhere in the oil and gas or water treatment world, be sure to partner with the best radiation management and remediation company in the U.S. - Rad Pros.

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Industries We Serve

While we’re able to work with radiation in most industries, we specialize in a few sectors as well.


Oil & Gas Industry

Those working in the oil and gas industry know how important proper radiation safety is. The use of filtration and separation equipment in the extraction and delivery processes can cause low-levels of radiation (NORM) to accumulate or concentrate, resulting in technologically enhanced NORM or TENORM. Spending enough time around TENORM can cause major risk via gamma radiation or inhalation.

Rad Pros has served many of the largest oil and gas producers in the United States for years. For those in the oil and gas industry, we provide all kinds of hazardous waste, radiation, NORM/TENORM management, and safety services as well as demolition, decontamination, compliant transport, disposal, and much, much more. Learn more about our radiation management services for companies in the oil and gas industry to see how our company can help yours.


Water Treatment

Whether you’re one of the biggest water treatment facilities around or you’re just a local plant serving your small community, the experts at Rad Pros can help you with your NORM and TENORM-impacted residuals and filter media. Our company can manage radiation-impacted equipment, water treatment residuals, spent filter media, and more. We can also provide radiation safety training to everyone at your facility, helping to make it even safer than before. We’ve helped with projects both big and small for all kinds of water treatment companies. Learn more about our water treatment radiation services to see how Rad Pros can help your business.



The mining industry provides highly valuable resources to most everyone in America as well as globally. When it’s not managed correctly, mining can cause a lot of problems, specifically in terms of NORM, TENORM and radiation exposure to people, animals, and ecosystems around the mining site. With our team of radiation professionals and certified health physicists, we provide low-level (NORM/TENORM) radioactive waste and disposal, equipment decontamination, and water treatment services for the sector, including the uranium mines that feed the nuclear fuel cycle. Rad Pros can help make your mining company safer. Learn more about our mining radiation management services to see how Rad Pros can benefit your mining company.


Public Sector

Government entities of all sizes have partnered with Rad Pros. We’ve helped some of the largest cities in Colorado as well as federal agencies like the National Renewable Energies Lab (NREL) with projects like radiation identification, segmenting non-impacted from radiation-impacted soils, managing radioactive materials and NORM/TENORM, and other services, all of which have resulted in major savings for taxpayers. Learn more about our public sector radiation management services to see if Rad Pros is the right fit for your business.

When you need professional radioactive management services, be sure to partner with the best company around at Rad Pros. Contact us to answer any questions and to see if we’re the right match for your company.

Radiation Safety Training

On top of our professional radiation waste and NORM/TENORM management services, Rad Pros also provides some of the best safety programs in the country. We can provide a variety of radiation safety training programs and certifications geared to helping your employees knowledgeably keep themselves, others, and the environment safe.


TENORM Awareness Training

When it comes to NORM, TENORM, and radioactive materials, you and your employees should take every precaution to make sure your employees are trained to recognize and respond to their surroundings in order to maintain everyone’s safety. In our TENORM Awareness Training course, you and your employees will learn vital context, so that fears of radiation in your workplace are not blown out of proportion and any real issues can be recognized. This two-hour course is perfect for employees of all levels.


Radiation Surveyor Training

Covering everything in the TENORM Awareness Training course and more, the Radiation Surveyor Training course adds important information to give professionals more knowledge about radiation and where they might encounter it. You and your employees will learn about the different types of radiation and available detection equipment. You’ll also learn the best ways to survey for TENORM-impacted materials and waste and the best ways to contain NORM/TENORM radioactive materials when they’re encountered.

In this eight-hour course, we will help empower your employees, giving them the ability to perform on-site measurements and assessments, and the compliance framework to know what work they can safely perform when. They’ll also know when to call for expert help on a job site from licensed contractors like Rad Pros.


Radiation Safety Officer Training

Our Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Training course gives employees the chance to become a resource to other employees when it comes to proper handling and transportation of radioactive materials at your workplace. This class will go over everything related to NORM, TENORM, and radiation, including how to detect it, the best ways to transport it, proper handling techniques, disposal pathways, regulations and requirements, and much more. Our RSO program is 40 hours long, requires a minimum of six participants, and the use of a classroom or conference room. Our health physicist will come to your location to teach the course in person.

When you need the best radiation training courses for your business, be sure to partner with the best radiation management and training personnel at Rad Pros. Learn more about our radiation safety courses to see how our experts can help your company.

No matter what kind of low-level radiation services you need, Rad Pros is the partner for you. Our professionals will work with you to find the best solution for your problem, providing safe and efficient radiation waste management services for companies of all sizes. Contact Rad Pros to get started on your services or to reserve your spot in one of our training courses today!

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