GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Get accurate depth readings for utilities and underground structures

GPR Services In Colorado And North Dakota

If you plan on burying new equipment around your company, then be sure you know where to dig with professional ground penetrating radar (GPR) services from Rad Pros. We can help you locate previously buried utility lines, pipelines, and underground structures to make sure that you don’t accidentally damage them. With GPR solutions from Rad Pros, you’ll know that you’re safely burying your new equipment. Keep scrolling to learn more about our GPR solutions, or contact Rad Pros to get started on your services today.

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Benefits Of GPR Solutions From Rad Pros:

  • We use three separate signals
  • Reach greater depths with higher resolution
  • Can locate anything up to 30 feet deep
  • With added GPS, accuracy can be within three feet (compared to 12 - 16 ft from other locates)
  • Easy to understand imaging
  • Can find possible ground disturbances and impacted soil

Reliable Ground Penetrating Radar Solutions

When you need to find underground pipes and structures, trust the professionals at Rad Pros to help you find what you can’t see. Our GPR software and detection instruments are highly accurate and will be able to find anything within 30 feet of the surface. Our equipment can also go deeper and give a better resolution than other GPR systems. If you need to safely bury something in or around your company, then Rad Pros is here to help.

Using our quantum imager with triple frequency, we can find equipment at significantly greater depths. When paired with a government GPS system, our GPR is accurate within three feet, as opposed to other locates that are usually only accurate within 12 - 16 feet. With easy to understand images and a certified Rad Pros technician to help you, we’ll be able to locate just about anything lying around your property.

If you’re looking for trustworthy GPR solutions in Colorado and North Dakota, then look no further than Rad Pros. Contact us to get started on your personalized services with a free consultation from one of our experts.

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