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NORM & TENORM disposal and radiation safety programs

Professional TENORM Management Solutions

Technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials, more commonly known as TENORM, can be incredibly difficult to manage for companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a well established oil and gas company, saltwater disposal, or you’re a brand new water treatment facility, TENORM support and management solutions are a much needed commodity at your company. Here at Rad Pros, we want to help companies of all kinds get the radioactive waste management services they need to optimize their business and to keep the environment safe around them. Keep scrolling to learn more about our TENORM management services, or contact Rad Pros to answer any questions and to get started on your radioactive material management services today.

NORM/TENORM Waste Management Solutions

Radiation in any form can be dangerous just to be around. Here at Rad Pros, we specialize in low-level radioactive waste management solutions for oil and gas companies, water treatment facilities, and other industries who have to deal with radioactive waste. With some of the most experienced teams around, Rad Pros can provide your company with the TENORM waste management services you need to keep you, your employees, and the environment safe from any potentially dangerous materials and substances.

Industries We Serve

Rad Pros can help companies in a wide variety of industries. Whether you only need radiation safety services every now and then or on a daily basis, Rad Pros is always ready to help you. Keep reading to learn more about some of the industries we can help with professional radioactive waste management solutions.

Oil & Gas Companies

Digging into the earth in order to find oil and natural gas involves more radiation than the average person may realize. As you extract oil and gas from below the surface, you’re more likely to come across radiation of some kind. Production water carries the NORM to the surface. In addition, the transport of crude oil and natural gas to refineries - the midstream market - faces its own challenges with pigging sludge and wastewater that needs special handling as radioactive waste. Finally, refining oil and natural gas causes low-level radiation to concentrate, leaving a regulated radioactive waste behind. TENORM waste can accumulate on equipment and concentrate in pipes, tank bottoms, filters and filter socks. Rad Pros offers some of the best TENORM support and management services to the oil and gas industry. Learn more about our oil and gas waste management solutions to see how we can help your business.

Water Treatment Facilities

Potable water is a necessity for everyone. Whether it’s drinking water for a community or irrigation water for growing crops, clean water is essential to maintaining life on our planet. Water treatment facilities have to deal with a lot of potentially dangerous constituents, one of which is NORM/TENORM waste due to the water treatment processes. If you’re a water treatment facility that needs professional TENORM waste management or a site assessment or a health hazard assessment, then Rad Pros is the perfect partner for you. We can help with all kinds of radioactive waste services, including radiation safety training, assistance with compliance with TENORM regulations, and other consulting solutions. Learn more about our TENORM water treatment solutions to see how Rad Pros can help you.

Mining Companies

While it may not be as prominent as it once was, mining is still an integral industry that provides individuals and businesses with the materials they need. As we indicated above, drilling down into the earth means that you will likely come into contact with radiation. No matter what kind of mining you’re doing, the experts at Rad Pros can help you. With our professional TENORM waste management solutions, our company can help make your facility and site a safer place to work. Learn more about our TENORM mining management solutions to see how we can help you.

No matter what kind of low-level radiation solutions you need, Rad Pros is ready to help you. Our experienced team of radiation safety professionals have the knowledge to optimize your business and keep your employees and the environment safe. Whether you’re looking for TENORM waste management solutions or you need in-depth radiation safety training, Rad Pros has everything you need. Contact Rad Pros to answer any questions you may have about our company and our services, and be sure to get a quote for your personalized TENORM support and management solutions today!


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