NORM/TENORM Management

NORM and TENORM radiation waste management

NORM & TENORM Services

When you need help identifying and managing NORM (naturally occurring radioactive materials) and TENORM (technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials) radiation, then Rad Pros is the perfect partner for you. We offer all kinds of services to help you and your company safely dispose of all kinds of radioactive materials. Keep scrolling to learn more, or contact Rad Pros to get started on your services today with a free consultation.

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Professional Services We Can Offer Your Company:

Radiation Safety Programs In Colorado And North Dakota

No matter what form radiation takes, it needs to be handled and disposed of carefully. Here at Rad Pros, we can help locate and remove potentially dangerous NORM and TENORM radioactive waste and materials to make your company or work site safer. Our experts will work to quickly identify any materials that may be causing issues and safely remove them from your work site. Keep reading to learn more about our services, or contact us to get started on your personalized services today.

Radioactive Material Management

Whether it’s NORM or TENORM radiation, proper removal of potentially dangerous radiation from your work site is important. Get professional radioactive waste management from Rad Pros and make your company even safer.

Radiation Safety Programs

Knowledge is especially helpful when it comes to radiation and radioactive materials. If you’re looking to help make your company a safer place to work, then radiation safety training from Rad Pros can do just that.

Radiation Shielding

Even after proper training, your employees may need help staying safe from radioactive equipment and materials. Here at Rad Pros, we offer radiation shielding to help keep your employees and others safe.

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When you need to get rid of NORM or TENORM radiation in Colorado or North Dakota, be sure to partner with Rad Pros. Contact us to get started on your services with a free consultation.

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