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Public radiation services in Colorado and North Dakota

Radiation Services For The Public

When you need low-level radiation services, then Rad Pros is the perfect partner for you. We offer all kinds of radiation services for companies and the public, including radioactive material disposal, radiation safety training, radioactive waste management, and much more. With some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, we can help make everyone safer with top-rated radiation services. Keep scrolling to learn more about our public radiation services, or contact Rad Pros to get started on your services today.

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Public Radiation Services We Can Provide

  • University lab decontamination and demolition

  • Radioactive material waste management

  • Radiation protection programs

  • Radiation risk assessments

  • Technical and regulatory consulting

  • Radiation detection and sampling

  • And more!

Public Radiation Services In Colorado And North Dakota

Radiation can cause numerous issues to all living things. If left unchecked, radioactive materials or waste can get into the local ecosystem, causing problems with surrounding plants, animals, and even humans. Those who work in the oil and gas, water treatment, medical, and nuclear industries are at the highest risk of coming into contact with radiation, possibly endangering their lives and the lives of others if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken.

Here at Rad Pros, we have some of the most experienced radiation professionals working to help everyone stay safe from the negative effects of radiation. With highly knowledgeable technicians and cutting edge equipment, Rad Pros can help make all kinds of companies, institutions, and public areas safe. Because we offer things like radiation protection programs, radiation risk assessments, radioactive material decontamination, and other services, you can rely on our company to help make yours a safer place to work.

When you need radiation services for your public space, company, or institution, be sure to partner with the best radiation safety company at Rad Pros. Contact us to answer any questions you may have and to get started on your personalized radiation services today.

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