TENORM Awareness Training – 4-hour

When it comes to (TE)NORM (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), you should take all precautions to be sure your employees are aware of what they are working around. Our (TE)NORM awareness class gets them prepared to know what types of radiation occur in their industry, what to do and not to do when handling possible (TE)NORM impacted material, and gives them us as a resource to call when they encounter radiation beyond their scope of handling.

Radiation Technician Training – 8-hour

This class covers all of the things in the (TE)NORM Awareness training, plus gives them the added benefit of learning what types of detection equipment exist, how to survey for NORM impacted material, and a little about safe ways to contain the NORM when it is encountered. This will empower your employees to be another force on the ground preventing disasters such as spills, improper handling of NORM and improper containment.

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Training – 40-hour

Our RSO training will allow your employees to have a resource on site that know what to do and not to do when it comes to handling and transporting (TE)NORM in a proper manner. This class delves into all things related to (TE)NORM, including detection, paperwork, transportation, handling and a strong background in the regulations and requirements when it comes to radiation. This class requires at least 6 people and a classroom as we bring in a Certified Health Physicist and it is a week long course.