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Radiation safety (NORM, TENORM and others) training and consulting services

The Best Radiation Safety Training Programs

Looking to make your company a safer place to work? Here at Rad Pros, we offer some of the best radiation safety programs in the United States. With some of the most experienced radiation safety officers, we can help your employees and your company become safer. We offer all kinds of courses, from basic awareness to eight hour surveyor training. Keep scrolling to learn more about our radiation safety programs, or contact Rad Pros to reserve your spot in one of our training courses today.

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Radiation Training Courses We Offer:

  • Basic awareness training
  • Surveyor training
  • Radiation protection programs
  • Radiation consulting
  • Equipment training
  • And more!

Get Tailored Radiation Safety Training For Your Company

When you need to make sure your employees stay safe while working, then a radiation safety course from Rad Pros is the perfect solution for you. With experienced professionals who have working knowledge of equipment, best practices, and more, Rad Pros can help educate your employees and keep them safe from potentially dangerous materials. We can tailor your radiation course for the industry you work in as well as the equipment you use. Keep reading to learn more about some of the training we can offer you, or contact Rad Pros to get started on your customized training today.

Radiation Safety Training

From the basics to more advanced practices, the experts here at Rad Pros can help your employees better understand how to protect themselves and others from radiation.

Radiation Consulting

Radiation is a complicated matter. Here at Rad Pros, we can help make sure that your company is practicing safe operations, have the right procedures in place, and more with professional radiation consulting services.

Radiation Waste Management

Getting rid of radioactive materials is a delicate process. If your employees are unsure of what to do with radioactive materials, then professional radiation waste management services and training from Rad Pros is just what you need.

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When you need the best radiation training program for your company, be sure to partner with Rad Pros. Contact us to reserve your company’s spot today.

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